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Unleash the power of a transformative platform where visionary entrepreneurs, passionate coaches, innovative course creators, and dedicated service providers come together to forge thriving online businesses that effortlessly run on autopilot.

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Marketing Platform

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Grow your business with She Has Clients!

You're still hustling, grinding, and riding that wild revenue rollercoaster, never having truly consistent income (which is stressing everyone out- you, your partner, your family, and your bank account).

You're exhausted wearing all the hats in your business and know that with the right combination of software, systems and automations in place, you could focus on what you love and where you're most needed in your business.

You've been begrudgingly piecemealing a ton of different business and marketing software together - but they're costly, don't "talk" to each other, and you're tired of having 23+ different tabs open at any given time.

She Has Clients is the only marketing platform designed specifically for women entrepreneurs.

Unlock the ultimate convenience of having everything you require to market your business seamlessly consolidated in a single powerhouse. Seamlessly navigate through website design, lead generation, sales tracking, and social media management, all in one comprehensive solution.

Stop wasting time and money on countless marketing tools that don't work.

She Has Clients has everything you need to succeed.

The All-In-One Business Platform That Gives You the Software, Systems, Strategy, Skills, and Support You Create a Scalable Online Business


What's Inside of She Has Clients?

The She Has Clients Software Suite

The Ultimate All-in-One Hub!" Experience a comprehensive platform that caters to your marketing, lead generation, sales, and communication necessities. Bid farewell to exorbitant expenses on software subscriptions and app fees, as this exceptional system replaces them all, saving you significant costs ranging from hundreds to thousands of dollars.

Trainings, Live Support, and Q&A

Comprehensive, professional recorded tech trainings, as well as well as live daily support when needed. Network with other amazing professionals who are innovating and also scaling their business.

Accountability & Tech Guidance

We ensure that you are staying ahead by introducing new features to suit your business constantly. We also offer ongoing support when you are stuck or simply need a quick fix.

she has clients

The All-In-One Software Suite

Course Builder + Membership Portal

Empower yourself with our user-friendly course builder that enables you to effortlessly create, sell, and deliver your online courses or informational products within minutes!


  • Store Unlimited Courses

  • Unlimited Video and Media Uploads

  • Plug-and-Play Templates

  • Host Unlimited Students and Customers

Funnel & Website Builder

Our drag-and-drop funnel builder and create beautiful landing pages, sales pages, shopping carts, and websites.


  • Forms Builder & Capture

  • Survey Builder & Capture

  • Email Campaign Builder & Automation

  • Premium Pre-Designed Templates

CRM, Appointment Booking and Sales System

Effortlessly manage your entire back office in one place, from organizing contacts to scheduling tasks. Streamline your operations and boost productivity like never before.

  • Appointment Booking System

  • Unlimited Booking Calendar

  • Sales Pipeline, track leads and sales

  • Analytics Tracker and Dashboard

  • Contact Related Task Manager

Universal Marketing Inbox

Efficiently handle all your marketing-related communication in a single inbox, encompassing emails and direct messages. Stay on top of timely responses, nurture your leads effectively, and provide stellar support to your valued clients.


  • Google Workspace Email Integration

  • SMS Texting and Text Marketing

  • Email Blasts and Responses

  • Chat Widget

  • Google My Business Chat

  • Facebook and Instagram DMs

Streamline & Automate Your Business

We offer highly customizable templates to make your experience on the platform easier.

  • Full Automations Builder for all parts of your back end software

  • Sales Pipeline

  • Analytics Tracker and Dashboard

  • Invoicing, Invoicing by Text

  • Payment Plans and Subscriptions

  • Stripe Integration

Meeting Room

Conduct meetings from anywhere Meeting Room® unifies the tools needed to increase efficiency in companies. Many call this the Slack and Zoom Killer because of its vas coverage.

clients lovely words

What My Lovely Clients said about our program

She Has Clients is a game-changer! This all-in-one business platform has revolutionized the way I operate. From marketing to lead generation, sales, and more, it covers all the bases. Highly recommended!

Ladies!! This Coach is the real deal! I have taken training from her several times because she knows what a Coach needs.

AND this is her secret, don‘t tell anyone, OK! She has heart of gold Starr Codd wants you to succeed.

I can't imagine running my business without She Has Clients. It's truly an all-in-one solution that simplifies everything. The convenience of having all the necessary tools and resources in a single platform is a game-changer.

She Has Clients has taken my business to new heights. The comprehensive features and expert guidance have helped me create a scalable online presence. It's a reliable and efficient platform that I trust and highly recommend.

30 Days $1 Then Only $97/month

RISK FREE! No commitments, no contracts, cancel anytime!

She Has Clients

What You'll Learn Throughout Your Membership

From Top She Has Clients Experts



All Content, Training,

& GHL Tools

  • Website & Funnel Builder

    (Unlimited Domains)

  • CRM

  • Sales Dashboard & Pipelines

  • 2 Way Texting

    (Connect your own Twilio Account)

  • Email Marketing

    (Connect your own SMTP for unlimited sending)

  • Reputation Management

  • Course Memberships

  • Call Reporting

  • Analyze Ad Spend

  • Booking Calendar

  • Mobile App

  • Integrations

  • Social Media Scheduler

  • Invoicing

  • Power Dialer

  • Email List Cleaning Automation

  • White Label Content

    (85,000 + eBooks, Courses, Planner etc)

  • Done For You Emails

    (950 Email Campaigns in many niches)

  • Free NOYSI Account

    (Access to our network to hire or be hired)

  • Live Training & Q&A

  • Live 24/7 Support Team



All Content, Training, FB ADs

Automation Tool

  • Everything in Beginner Plan

  • FB ADS Automation

  • Slack Channel

    (sells for $127/month)



All Content, Training, & ToolS

  • FB ADS

  • Funnel Setup

    (sells for $997/month)

  • Funnel Monitoring

    (sells for $497/month)

  • FB Ads Setup

    (sells for $197/month)

Building The Business Engine

All the tools you need in one platform without having to "duct-tape" multiple platforms together


Capture leads using our landing pages, surveys, forms, calendars, inbound phone system & more!


Automatically message leads via voicemail, forced calls, SMS, emails, FB Messenger & more!


Use our built in tools to collect payments, schedule appointments, and track analytics!

Strategy & Skills

Giving You the Strategy and Skills You Need to Succeed Through Masterclasses, Training, and Education

Being an entrepreneur can be an extremely lonely journey. But it doesn't have to be. Tap into our network of like-minded women who are on a mission to grow a business, make an impact, and create a legacy for themselves and their families.

ALREADY A High Level Member?

Upgrade to the SaaS plan for a FREE My Vision Agency Plan! You can upgrade through us and keep your sponsor. High Level will split the upgrade commission so everyone wins.

If you are currently on the $97 plan, you can upgrade to the SaaS plan ($497 monthly) to receive a FREE Professional Plan

Start Your Own Agency


  • FREE She Has Clients Plan

  • FREE She Has Clients Snapshots

    (Websites, Funnels, Workflows, and more!)

Note: $97 a month Go High Level plan does not have the ability to resell user accounts. Bonus includes a FREE She Has Clients plan and does not include snaphots. You will need to be on the $297 plan to sell user accounts under your own agency.

Become An Affiliate for She Has Clients


  • Receive a generous 40% Commission

  • Free Training & Tech Support

  • Recurring Monthly Income

  • Prebuilt Campaigns To Resell Software

The All-In-One Business Ecosystem That Gives You the Software, Systems, Strategy, Skills, and Supports You Need to Succeed

What You'll Learn Throughout Your Membership

From Top She Has Clients Experts

She Has Clients

Each month, a new Business Blueprint Masterclass is released to help you plan and navigate your path to business success.

Business Systems, Processes, and Productivity

Learn which systems and processes you need and how to use them day in and day out. Put your business on automation.

Creating, Pricing, & Positioning Your Offer

Create an offer that sets you up for profitability, scalability, while also creating work-life balance from the start. Use our membership portal to house your courses and coaching programs.

Sales Skills, Strategy, & Lead Generation

We teach you sales strategies that not only help you sell, but let you feel good while you do it.

Designing a Premium

& Professional Brand

Create a premium brand presence that best positions you and your programs right out of the gate.

Social Media Marketing & Paid Advertising

Marketing and advertising is as much of an art as a science. Learn how to master both, no matter your budget.

Video Marketing and Online Course Creation

Video is the best way to be seen in a crowded marketplace but also gives you scalability if done right.

Visibility, Speaking, Podcasting & Public Relations

Stepping forward as an entrepreneurs often means having to step out into the public limelight. Learn how to do it with ease..


The Support You Need to Succeed Through Tech Trainings, Tech Support, Community, & Networking

Being an entrepreneur can be an extremely lonely journey. But it doesn't have to be. Tap into our network of like-minded women who are on a mission to grow a business, make an impact, and create a legacy for themselves and their families.


One-Of-A-Kind Support

Community Support

Join our live community where you can ask questions daily as well as collaborate.

Daily Drop-In Open Office Hours

Regularly scheduled open office hours and Q&A sessions with member support specialists trained in digital marketing.

Networking and Business Development

Make new strategic partners, share your wins, make new friends, and even find new clients.

Daily Live Chat Tech Support

Tech Support reps are available each and every day to answer your tech questions and to get you unstuck quickly!

All the Answers to All your Questions

What is She Has Clients?

She Has Clients is a female-led enterprise dedicated to empowering women entrepreneurs globally. Our mission is to forge a supportive ecosystem for these trailblazing women. We are committed to equipping them with the necessary tools to develop, launch, expand, and scale successful service-oriented businesses. Through our reasonably priced software solutions, easily accessible educational resources, and a variety of community-driven events, support systems, and mentorship opportunities, we aim to make business ownership attainable for every woman with the courage to envision it.

What payment gateways do you support?

ntegrating your Stripe and PayPal accounts is effortless with our platform. After linking either account, you gain the capability to use SHC for various financial transactions. This includes creating products and courses, managing consultation fees, and processing diverse payments.

FAQ image

Do I need this if I already have a website?

If you already possess an attractive, tailor-made, and efficient website hosted on platforms like WordPress or Wix, feel free to maintain it there. Numerous members choose to keep their primary website on these platforms while managing other aspects like funnels and calendar bookings through SHC, seamlessly integrating the two with links. Additionally, many of our members have successfully transitioned their websites to the She Has Clients platform, either by rebuilding it themselves or by utilizing our team's expertise. We also have members who choose to transfer their website to our platform.

Is it really unlimited?

Yes. Unlimited contacts. Unlimited Emails, Unlimited Courses, Unlimited Funnels. Unless otherwise indicated, there are no limits to what you can create, sell, and market through the SIB platform

FAQ image

Can I have multiple businesses in She Has Clients?

If you have multiple businesses of your own, you can absolutely have it under one account, if you’d like. However, you’ll need to be very smart about how you set everything up initially, how you segment customers, and how you organize your assets and campaigns so that they don’t get mixed up.Many of our members have multiple businesses and some do this. However, others do find it easier to sign up each businesses as it’s own account using the agency recommendation below.If you’re an agency, service, provider, coach, etc who are assisting others’ businesses (or you have multiple businesses of your own but you don’t want to hassle with one account segmentation) this is what we recommend:Sign them up under your affiliate link (earn 40% commission recurring), then let us know who your client is or what the other business is. We can give your user account access to your client’s accounts, making it super seamless to toggle through accounts.

What kind of support will I receive?

We have 24/7 customer support inside the portal. We offer live chat on weekdays from 11am EST - 7pm EST inside the portal. We have an in-depth searchable Help Library with help documents and help videos.We do multiple tech and support calls each week. We have workshops, work pods, and other hands-on set up events. We have a user-only FB group. We have onboarding support to help you connect all of the backend. And if you need more help we have additional package options for customized build outs as well as a community of talented fellow members that you can crowdsource and/or hire if you want!

FAQ image

Does this work for e-commerce or retail?

We do not recommend SHC if you need a robust inventory management solution. However, we do have a direct integration with Shopify, so many of our SHC Sisters in e-commerce handle their inventory and storefront on Shopify and everything else within SHC.


She Has Clients

Join the movement - where we believe that when one rises, we all rise.

Get one of our experts to migrate you & Set-up your site for you!

ALL Plans come with a FREE Training Library to help you DIY your set-up.

All Pro Plans get a completely FREE 60min onboarding zoom call with one of our team members to help you get your main integrations connected and show you around.

However, if you'd like your entire site professionally set up, customised, branded and fully integrated into your business tools for you, OR would like our team members to migrate your courses, products, email automations, forms, website and calendars over for you; you can add on a migration and set-up service by tapping on the button below